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Hello ^w^ I'm new to this community

I'm new here, a straight (of course) furry, as well as a christian, i know that it's a not too common combination, especially on the web, but its who i am. It hurts sometimes though :( people hate me just because of my opinions and beliefs, even though i don't hate anyone, so i was hoping that joining this community would be a chance for me to meet people that can understand me. No one understands me v-v

I'm looking for a girlfriend

Howdy all, I'm Kitt3ns, or Russ.

I'm tired of being single. I've barely scratched at the surface of love and I want to find that special someone that can be happy with me and me with them.

I'm looking for a somewhat geeky lady that's smart, independent, and has a sense of adventure. Someone that is mature, cares about their health, and really tries to be a good person.

As for myself. I'm a 5'11" 22 year old man. I have some college education but at the moment am not enrolled. I have a decent job, my own house, and a fantastic group of friends. I run the local Delaware Furbowls, am owner and head administrator for The Furst State, and I generally try to assist as much as possible in helping the local furry community prosper.

I love sci-fi, video games, computers. I'm studying to become a PC technician and I plan to someday open a computer business of my own. I consider myself driven, funny, pretty chill to be with, and a very loving individual.

I'm not looking to get involved with someone with kids already, and I want someone who is comfortable with furry. It's such an important part of my life that they need to be cool with it, and maybe even into it too. If you're nearby the Delaware area it's a plus, distance relationships aren't really what I'm looking for.

If you think you'd like to try to get to know me better, or know someone who you think I might like then shoot me a note, e-mail, shout, anything! Tell me some about yourself and maybe we can chat a little!

My photo: http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y8.....MzUuanBn-1.jpg
Hello I am new here.   I live in utah and am wondering if any one especially someone....of the opposite gender than me dose as well....if any one dose, or is interested feel free to talk to me and or look at my profile if you want.
Troll has been dealt with.

If you see any troll posts please email me at: starlightfox@livejournal.com

Thanks ever so much

- StarlightFox, Mod of straightfur

Whats been going on lately.

I have a ad on pounced.org now. My furry name is lightanddarkdragonman. No one has answered my ad yeat. But I'll keep waiting and hope someone answers my ad. I answered a few ads and I'm waiting for a answer back. Another one of my friends got into a car wreck. He is all right. The wreck happened at the entrance of the trailer park where I live at. My mom is doing fine, but I still worry about her. Right now I'm watching anime adult cartoon Bleach. I've seen these episodes before, but I don't mind watching them again. Man poor Ichigo, he lost his mom when he was nine years old. And he blames himself for his mothers death. I don't think it was his fault at all. It was a Hollow called the Grand fisher. It killed his mother. And now it is using his mother to defeat him. How cold is that. That was a really low move. I hope Ichigo gets to kill the Hollow that killed his mother. I just wanted to let you all know whats going on and that I'm okay.

Whats been going on lately.

One of these past weekends my mom had to go to the emergency room, because she had pain in her cheast. She had some fluid on the heart. She is alright now. I have been helping around the house.  Mowed the lawn and cleaned the yard. I'm still working on the movie. I'm trying to beat the video game," Kingdom of Hearts".  This video game has inspired me to add more villians to my movie searies. And to make some of the characters in my movie very important.  My little sister is going out with her new boyfriend. He took her to the beach last weekend. That was nice of him. My little sister also braught back some sea shells for mom. That was sweet of her. One of my friends got in a wreck. Someone smashed into the rear of his pickup truck. The rear of his pickup truck is badly messed up. And now he has bad back pain. I wonder if he'll be alright.  I would love to find a job learning how to take care of hurt or homeless wild animals. I would love to get to take care of a red fox. The red fox is my most favorite animal.
I have been working on this movie since middle school. I'm redoing all the drawings and going back to undo mistakes that I did. Mostly my movie is like a comic. I'm drawing it like a comic. The drawings that I have to go back and redo are ones that have aged and gotten torn and ripped. I also have to get pictures and info on the cartoon characters I'm putting in my movie. And let me tell you it is hard work. All the movie creators must of had a hard time creating movies. It is kind of hard to get the pictures and information I need.  But I'll keep on working on this movie until I finish it. 

Does any girls want to be my friends?

I would like to have someone to talk and be with. It gets very lonely being here all by myself. I like having girls as friends. It makes me feel good knowing that a girl wants to be my friend. I only have two guy friends. And one friend that is a girl. But I don't get to see her much or talk to her much. And my guy friends I don't get to see or talk to much eather. Right now it would be nice to have someone to talk to. I would love to talk about the movie I'm working on to others. I would like to here other peoples complaments. I just hope I don't get any mean complaments. So if any girl wants to be my friend, please email me? My email address is still johnnyboydragon721@yahoo.com .

Does any girls want to be my friends?

I would like to know if any fox girls, bunny girls, skunk girls, tiger girls, or dragon girls want to be my friend? Ask me any questions and I'll answer them. And I would also like to get to know you too. And if you would like to meet in person. I live in a trailer park near Summerville in South Carolina. If you would like to meet me somewhere in Summerville or meet at my home or your home. That's okay. I would love to have girls as friends. If any girl wants to be my friend, please email me? My email address is johnnyboydragon721@yahoo.com .

Getting to know me.

Hello my name is Jonathan Totten. I'm 21 years old and I'll be 22 this july 21st. I live with my mom and sister. I have four cats, one snake and one dog. If I had a furry suit it would be a white dragon with blue eyes. I love to draw, play video games, read comic chapter books, watch japanese animated cartoons and play the trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh! I like to go places like the library, book stores, movie theater and the mall. I would like to have a girlfriend who is the same age as me or 2, 3 or 10 years older then me. I would like a sexy furry cop fox girl, skunk girl, bunny girl,  tiger girl, wolf girl or dragon girl as a girlfriend. I also would like a girlfriend who is kind, loving and respectful. And I'll be kind, loving and respectful back. My email address is johnnyboydragon721@yahoo.com . If any girl wants to be my girlfriend or just a friend please email me soon?