For straight furs of many different kinds..

all are welcomed here..

Straight Fur
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A gathering place for straight furs of all kinds..
For straight furs.

Bashing or homophobic comments and rants will not be tolerated.

~Suggestions for this community? Feel free to make a post. This community is what the members make of it.

This LJ community is about (and to a lesser extent, for) members of the furry fandom (a community with a diverse base of gender identity and sexual orientation) who are straight (heterosexual). It's meant to be a friendly place to talk about being a straight member of the fandom, and maybe flirt a little.

Be nice, be charming. Being fabulous is strictly optional. ;)


The straightfur comm observes a few simple rules:

1. Don't Post Off-topic. The community topic is broad-- being straight and a fur. Posts that are neither about, nor seem of interest to people who are straight or furry, probably are better off posted to some other community. Also, do not reply to posts in a way that is off-topic according to the original post and its title. And for goodness sake, don't start in on posts that are themselves off-topic. If they're badly off-topic, report them.

2. No personal attacks. If you don't have something nice to say about a person, don't talk about them at all. You're welcome to criticize ideas and actions (which aren't people), though if you can manage to be polite about it in the cases where you think somebody might take it personally, we wouldn't hold it against you.

3. Don't threaten. Directly threatening members of the community, or using vulgar or derogatory language directed at a member of the community (swearing at somebody), or in a way that would create an environment threatening to non-voluntary minorities (e.g., racist, sexist, anti-gay remarks) is not permitted.

4. Miscellaneous DON'Ts: Don't post adult images, links to warez, adult, or unrelated sites, don't describe or advocate breaking the law. Don't do anything else you think it's unacceptable to do online or in a LJ community.

5. Talk Nice to the MOD: PMs to the moderator should be civil and comply with rules #1-#4.

6. Disciplinary Action: Posts that violate rules #1-#4 will be replaced with a public notice of the nature of the infraction. Second or further rules violations will result in banning, depending on the seriousness of the offense. Please bring serious violations of rules #1-#4 to the moderator's attention in a private message.

7. Fair Warning: The moderator will not micro-manage posts, and will not take action except to keep the above rules. We want this to be a nice place, but part of that is up to you.